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Romney Wins CBS Focus Group In Ohio

And no one says it better than Saturday Night Live!


Don’t need to say much more.



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How disappointing–4 Americans were killed and you didn’t know? Shame on the White House!!!!

Our Vice President was disrespectful

On September 11, 2012 four American’s were killed. If you didn’t know, Mr. Biden, you should have.  The fact that you didn’t know  is enough for me.

I really don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat.  I expect you to do your job,  keep Americans safe, pay attention, listen to the people around you and spend your time wisely. It’s apparent to me, you haven’t kept us safe. 

As far as the Press goes, if a Republican was in the White House this would be Benghazi-gate. And our Vice President says, “we didn’t know.

Shame on the press and our President.  A Congressman said, this cover-up is worse than Nixon–as four Americans were killed.  The inevitable question now is will you blame Hillary? It’s either blame intelligence or the State Department?  It’s nofaultobama!

I am an independent. Voted both sides of the aisle my entire life. Not interested in partisan issues.

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The President’s PR Department — MSNBC or MSLSD

The funniest Saturday Night Live ever!  President Obama’s PR team–Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and  Al Sharpton.

President Obama’s performance was due to concentrating on his anniversary gift for Michelle, tired from jet lag, a body  switch with Romney when lightning struck, altitude issues when you reach 5000 feet or just call your opponent a liar.

Saturday Night Life: Cold Opening: Debate

And then in terms of who won and lost?  Poor Jim Lehrer, Downton Abbey and Big Bird!    This is just hilarous…

Winners & Losers!

And maybe my favorite of the night, was what I have been saying for the longest time, the White House’s PR department.

MSNBC or MSLSD Debate Fallout

(On a side note, I AM AN INDEPENDENT. I have voted for both sides of the aisle my entire life. Do not care about the GOP or DNC. )



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Is the President mad?

My son was watching television and saw an advertisement that featured an old man talking about Governor Romney killing a lady.  My son turned around and asked me,

“Dad, did Governor Romney kill that lady?”

“No son.”

“Is the President a liar?”

They must be mad. Negative campaigning is one thing–but calling your opponent a murderer is simply crazy.

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Is it time for Madame President? Michele Bachman

Is it time for the first female President?

A tax attorney who reads real books.  Andrew  Malcolm  made a big deal of a one of Michelle’s mistakes. I’d like to go through all of Andrew’s work. Betcha I’d find some errors.  He’s human.

Then Alexandra Petri’s column wrote about Chris Wallace.  You gotta love this little numb skull.  Who would ask the question, “ah gees, are you a tad wacked? OK, how about a little wacked?”

Chris were you smoking a little medical marahuchi?  Did you think you were on a  Gary Sanchez Production with Jane Russell or maybe you were talking to your wife?  So here’s the question big boy,  if Michelle would have had a penis would you have asked her that question?  Just saying…   Something to think about.

Then New York Times.  Jeff Zeleny and I expected him to strike her out with a  tea party bat to the head.

Jeffy, leffy, keffy—whatever,  maybe most Americans think the Tea Party isn’t all bad?  Maybe they understand that blowing $3.5 trillion isn’t the smartest thing to do.  Maybe we could be the next Greece?

Or maybe you don’t understand economic constraints.  Or the basic tenets of business?  Or how it’s done in China?

Stay clear of moral issues.  Abortion is the law of the land.  Gay marriage should be left to the states.

Take some Adderall,  stay focused on jobs, the economy and keeping us safe. Lets fiscally lead a nation out of debt.


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Who will elect the next President, the Press or you?

The Press loves to think we’re stupid–but  we aren’t idiots.  You think for yourself don’t you?   You don’t need the DNC or RNC to tell how to think, what issues matter or who to vote for.  They both protect their platforms and in the end of the day they aren’t too interested in you or your problems.

The DNC and RNC has extremes.  They both do.  Relative to the media, the left is  CNN, CNBC, NPR.  And on the right there are some people at FOX that are right, but O’Reilly is pretty fair.

Those of us who believe in working know the road to prosperity is on the back of small business.  And guess what–nobody right now is helping us.  And without small business America is cooked.

Who do are you rooting for?  Trump, Romney, the Preacher, Christie???

Who would you vote for if the election were held today?


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