Obama’s war on America–is destroying our youth and depressing recent college grads!

I cannot help but wonder if President Obama has stolen a time capsule and returned to 1975. He’s Gabe Kotter, the teacher, in Welcome Back Kotter and we’re members of the unruly class.  Some are Vinnie Barbarino, Arnold Horshack or Juan Epstein.

Vinny says, “I’m so confused.”

We’re so stupid the real problem is as the President has repeatedly said, he hasn’t communicated enough with us.

How Many Jobs Gained During a Presidential Tenure?

So, let’s take one issue at a time.

1. Jobs.  Our President is a magician, Merlin.  Are the newly employed wearing a magic cloak?   He and his PR machine are the best fiction writers I’ve ever seen in politics.

Why aren’t people hiring?   Everyone is sitting on cash because NO ONE TRUSTS THIS PRESIDENT.  He  took over General Motors and destroyed every investors belief in USA law, every retired person with an IRA who owned GM bonds, lost their investment. He threw away our legal system, manipulated bankruptcy law for the first time in American history.  He then created a war on business.    

2. Unemployment higher than it’s ever been–25%.  It’s easier to lie than tell the truth.  The government gets their unemployment stats from surveys.

We are headed into a deeper recession in 2013 with Obama. 

Empty malls are everywhere

Would this mall be empty if there were jobs?

3.  US Debt.  The Greece debt crisis started when their government debt was DOWNGRADED to junk bond status. Greece was only $1.2 TRILLION in debt.

Here’s the relationship: Greece–debt $1.2Trillion–crisis of confidence-S&P downgrades–junk bond status–Greek crisis.  Here’s the bond current bond rating of a few countries:

Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Georgia (Government of) BB- BB- BB
Germany (Federal Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Ghana (Republic of) B B B+
Greece (Hellenic Republic) CCC CCC AAA
Grenada B- B- BBB-
Guatemala (Republic of) BB+ BB BBB-
Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Uganda (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Ukraine B+ B+ B+
United Kingdom (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
United States of America (Unsolicited Ratings) AA+ AA+ AAA
Uruguay (Oriental Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB+

And the USA debt?   The USA debt is $16 trillion.  And the President says, not to worry.

4. War on Terror/Foreign Policy.    9/11/12 we were attacked by Al Qaeda. Obama’s PR department, the corrupt media  (Bloomberg, ReutersCNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times  lies to Americans.  His head of PR, Rachell Maddow,  Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews,  Joe Klein and Andrew Mitchell are fiction story tellers and writers, they live in an insular world where they prognosticate with democratic demagogues.

Obama’s PR department (media jokers) lack courage and integrity.  It’s take courage to stand in the face of crowds.     

Who is reporting the Al Qaeda connection?  FOX NEWS.  US  officials knew the attack in Benghazi was by Al Qaeda.

5.   Likability  A friend was diagnosed with inoperable cancer–I found him the world’s greatest surgeon. Does it matter if he’s socially autistic, the most popular or has a great bedside manner?  ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD CARE.  I think saving his life is more important.  
Likability - 180%, Success 20%
6.  War on Women There is a war on women. It’s in the Middle East.  With Obama, we should be worried about what happens to our daughters if Obama is left working with leaders in the Middle East.  As far as some foolish, irresponsible loony girl discussing contraception;  
my daughter; a Harvard law graduate finds the issue embarrassing to all intelligent American women; my wife thinks it’s is reprehensible. My wife put herself through college working two jobs. She grew up poor and NO ONE PAID FOR HER CONTRACEPTION.
7. Side issues are diversionary tactics, religion, contraception, social issues. So stupid people  don’t pay attention to the fact that gas is 160% more, 25% unemployment, a decrease in net income of $5000 per household and a reduction in everyone lifestyle.  Every young person I know is DEPRESSED–THEY graduated from the greatest schools. Who’s to blame? The fool is in the White House.
What should you look for in a leader?

Great leaders have to be self-aware. 

  1. They are emotional aware of self & others, use a gut sense to guide reactions. Good at self-managing emotions.
  2. They have an accurate self-assessment, complement their strengths/weakness, hopefully are secure enough to surround themselves with smarter people who voice differing opinions and BUILD consensus.  It’s how you create great companies and nations.
  3. Self-confident NOT narcissistic.

Next great leaders must be great at relationship management.

  1.  Influence. Ability to negotiate with people of differing perspectives, opinions and see different viewpoints. See the issues through the personality, see it aside and influence others.
  2.  Change catalyst. Initiates, manages and leads offering a new direction not forcing one to follow only their direction, but building coalitions.
  3.  Conflict management. A great leader resolves disagreements and builds consensus.
  4.  Teamwork and collaboration; works cooperatively through team building.

This President is embarrassing.

(On a side note, I AM AN INDEPENDENT. I have voted for both sides of the aisle my entire life. Do not care about the GOP or DNC. )



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Thanks Mr. President for buying Ohio voters cell phones.

What a guy.  You just have to love Mr. President.  He brings new meaning to the word, “buying a Presidency!”

Buying elections when performance stinks?

And you wonder why the USA is broke?

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President Obama says open book? Hypocrite

Revision Plaza at Columbia University

Yesterday, our most gracious leader had a press conference.  And he said some comical words,

“If you run for office you should be an open book.”

He has spent millions to seal his records at Columbia University. I find this especially sweet–see the hypocrisy?   Why doesn’t anybody remember him?  My son graduated from Columbia and it  is IMPOSSIBLE TO GRADUATE from Columbia and NOBODY REMEMBERS YOU.  The school is not that big–we’re not talking about Penn State or University of Texas or UCLA.  It’s a small school people!

world class hypocrite

Something isn’t right.

He’s trying to deflect from a major issue.

If we the electorate don’t do our job, which is to educate ourselves and see through the rhetoric, falsehoods, lies and deceit; understand the bias of all media, then we have failed in our service to the nation–which is to elect the best possible leader for our country—and it’s not the one who maintains our ideals.

It’s one who will do what is best for our country–sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s what our mother’s made us do and we hated–eat our vegetables, do our homework and go to bed.

That’s what this nation needs–to cut the spending;  if we don’t, we will be destroyed.

Leadership takes courage.  America needs someone with the courage to lead us to a GREATER AMERICA, NOT A WEAKER AMERICA.

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Is the President mad?

My son was watching television and saw an advertisement that featured an old man talking about Governor Romney killing a lady.  My son turned around and asked me,

“Dad, did Governor Romney kill that lady?”

“No son.”

“Is the President a liar?”

They must be mad. Negative campaigning is one thing–but calling your opponent a murderer is simply crazy.

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Americans voters aren’t stupid–or are they? The Obama-Columbia scandal

President Obama’s largest constituency is making sure the American public is clueless once again.

ABC News, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Joe Klein, Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Tobin,  Chris Matthews, and so on.

What’s interesting is that ABC News cut their entire research staff and outsourced their entire research department two years ago to Mexico. So did the New York Times.

Interesting the Liberal Media doesn’t talk about is the #1 best seller in the country, The Amateur, or the coming movie, 2016.

Nor do they talk about the study just done by Ernest & Young, and how President Obama’s policies will destroy small business if he’s re-elected.  If you’re in bad shape today, you’re going to be in worst shape if he’s re-elected.

Unemployment is about TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%).  The government doesn’t want YOU TO KNOW THAT because current unemployment statistics are based on surveys.  In order to determine true unemployment, you have to figure out employment statistics.

The media is too busy trying to get their guy elected–so they’ll lie, cheat and steal to get their guy in.  And if you end up without a job, poor and broke, who cares?

Even though unemployment is higher than it’s been since the great depression–E&Y’s study says we’ll lose another 750,000 jobs. So who are you going to vote for?  Congress picks party first, small business second!

And you keep loving this President?  The same one who says that whatever success you’ve created in your life–it’s not yours.  I guess all the athletes on their way back from London are going to stop at the White House and give their medals to the President.

Mr. President,  something is bothering me,  if every single President has unsealed their records, why haven’t you?

Is there something you are hiding?

What? Bad grades?

Well, your classmate from Columbia has something to say


IceRocket Politics

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Rick Santorum, a true conservative who believe women belong at home!

I love Rick Santorum.  He’s a manly man.


Santorum--America's worst nightmare

He believes women belong in the home, the bedroom, kitchen, cleaning the house and making babies.

That’s why he was de-throned in Pennsylvania!!!!!

Santorum--really people?

He’ll never admit it–read the papers from his days in the Senate.

Santorum doesn’t think women should work, kids should be home schooled and women are second class citizens. He lives his beliefs.

Pennsylvania voted him out.  Ask him about it.  It had nothing to do with the Iraq war.

Gotta love the far right wing…  They keep their women where they belong.

Use your head. Don’t vote for Santorum people. We’ll have four more years of Obama. Is that what you want?



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What planet do the liberals live on?

Even nincompoops know our country was founded on capitalism.

Why do liberals love government intervention, socialism, and Karl Marx?

I think liberals should experience how wonderful government intervention is first hand and move to Greece!  They are clearly obtuse and don’t understand fiscal concepts.


BrokeBank USA

Do they not understand we are BROKE? Even the Evangelicals are busy pandering to personality issues instead of JUST thinking about economics.  (i.e. stay away from Newt and Santorum;  vote Romney!)

Even the CBO understands the issue…we have one option.  I wonder if you guys read a paper that doesn’t have comics? Or an economic report that doesn’t come from the government?

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