I am am Independent, voted both sides of the aisle for years.

I value God, family, education, hard work and  have children who went to Ivy League Schools. I believe in capitalism.

Giving people anything doesn’t create self-esteem.

I do believe in helping those who cannot help themselves, but government doesn’t solve people’s problems.  Welfare doesn’t create great people. It’s enslaves them. Do we need welfare? Yes. But President Obama is destroying the American dream and enslaving the middle class. Shame on you Mr. President.

Show me one government that has built great industries.

Show me one government that has created the world’s greatest healthcare system.

The NAACP is more interested in funding their dues than in educating the poor black children of New York City.  Shame on you Benjamin Jealous.

Strong countries, nations and states are created by educating young poor women.  Education and empowering young women raises a country from the depths of poverty.

Teach a young woman to honor herself, her body and empower her to run her own business–those strong women become great mothers and create a future.

I believe in treating all people with respect and dignity.


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