The Chicago Mob is in the White House–thousands layed off this month!

It must be Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and Dumbledore that has created more jobs since 1983 in one month?  Almost one million jobs.

This is re-printed from  Hot Air, Scarborough: Something’s awfully odd about this job report, from RDQ Economics,  Jim Pethokoukis post:

This report is a tale of two labor markets.   At this pace of job creation, the unemployment rate should be barely drifting lower given underlying demographic trends.  In contrast, the household survey painted a picture of a sharply falling unemployment rate—down 1.2% points over the last 12 months.  We believe part of the drop in the unemployment rate over the last two months is a statistical quirk (the household data show an increase in employment of 873,000 in September, which is completely implausible and likely a result of sampling volatility).  Moreover, declining labor force participation over the last year (resulting in 1.1 million people disappearing from the labor force) accounts for much of the rest of the decline.  See more here

Where are the jobs?  Who’s working there?  Who has hired almost 1 million people?  Anybody know?

At no time in HISTORY HAS THAT MANY JOBS, ever been created–except in 1983.  Do you remember who was President?

The Chicago Mob created a new narrative.  “We lost the debate, so let’s just change the story.”   If you think for one minute this President cares about you, our debt, and real jobs think again.

Let’s talk about some real truth.  Who’s laying off?

Bank of America announced 30,000 job cuts

Thousands upon thousands will be layed-off as soon as Obama is re-elected from (but none of them know it!):

  • Science Applications International Corp.
  • BAE Systems Information Solutions Inc.
  • Sotera Defense Solutions Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems Inc.
  • ManTech Sensor Technologies Inc.
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corp.
  • CACI Technologies Inc.
  • CGI Federal Inc.

This is just to name a few.  The amount of lay offs is depressing.  Go do the legwork. These guys will do anything to win an election, not govern, and sell out America.

Over the last nine months, our President met twice with his cabinet and not once with the jobs council.

In terms the auto bailout, let’s look at what was done with General Motors and Chrysler which is headed for bankruptcy again?

Investors lost everything. Instead of renegotiating union contracts, the administration gave the unions control over the companies. In other words, the administration didn’t bail out the companies; it bailed out the unions at the expense of the stockholders and bondholders–they lost everything.

 Why didn’t they just re-negotiate the union contracts? This White House is trying to be in business and they know nothing about it.  They stole the company from the investors to make sure the unions got what they wanted. It was a managed bankruptcy.  He vilifies business–the engine of growth.

Do you think his team isn’t going to make up numbers to win? Seriously?

For someone who says he cares about the debt, he is the FIRST PRESIDENT TO NEVER EVER SIGN A BUDGET.  Oh, and who’s fault is that? If you can’t work well with others–it’s YOUR FAULT.  He cannot lead us out of a paper bag…

So his team has resorted to lying.

(On a side note, I AM AN INDEPENDENT. I have voted for both sides of the aisle my entire life. Do not care about the GOP or DNC. )



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10 responses to “The Chicago Mob is in the White House–thousands layed off this month!

  1. First of all there are 114,000 net new jobs. Its funny that when Reagan decreases unemployment its proof of how great he is. When Obama does the same, its proof he twisted the figures.

    The word of Jack Welch, a convicted fraudster should count for little.

    Passing budgets is not the Presidents job, its Congress’. every time Democrats tried to pass something like the Jobs Act Republicans blocked them.

    I presume the job cuts you claim will happen after the election are due to spending cuts? Seeing as Romney will cut more, surely Romney is the bigger job destroyer?

    • Dear Robert,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Problem is–I don’t care about the GOP or the DNC. I didn’t vote for Reagan.

      So your argument ends there.

      In terms of passing a budget, who’s job do you think it is?

      Go do some research. Why would Obama be the ONLY President to never pass a budget? You can blame one party or another, but sorry that doesn’t work.

      It’s leadership young man.

      And in terms of net new jobs… Where are they?

      I don’t care who created them. I know hundreds of people who are unemployed. So give me a list of employers who hired 873,000 workers.

      • Where am I supposed to get the list of employers from? That’s impossible. Secondly, it was only 114,000 new jobs created (the difference is due to technical and measurement errors) Obama has passed a budget, as well as a stimulus, though the Republicans have been doing everything they can to block him

      • Robert,
        There you have it…
        Seems a little funny isn’t it? Called make believe jobs.
        I’m not going to have a conversation with someone about half truths and what someone does when they do half the job. I run companies. When you lead, surround yourself with talented people, listen to them, collaborate and delegate young man. This President is too busy playing golf. He’s played more golf than I have–and I run companies. He runs the country. Shame on him.

  2. Nice work. Only I would have actually embeded the tweets from the talking-head pundits.

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