Obama’s war on America–is destroying our youth and depressing recent college grads!

I cannot help but wonder if President Obama has stolen a time capsule and returned to 1975. He’s Gabe Kotter, the teacher, in Welcome Back Kotter and we’re members of the unruly class.  Some are Vinnie Barbarino, Arnold Horshack or Juan Epstein.

Vinny says, “I’m so confused.”

We’re so stupid the real problem is as the President has repeatedly said, he hasn’t communicated enough with us.

How Many Jobs Gained During a Presidential Tenure?

So, let’s take one issue at a time.

1. Jobs.  Our President is a magician, Merlin.  Are the newly employed wearing a magic cloak?   He and his PR machine are the best fiction writers I’ve ever seen in politics.

Why aren’t people hiring?   Everyone is sitting on cash because NO ONE TRUSTS THIS PRESIDENT.  He  took over General Motors and destroyed every investors belief in USA law, every retired person with an IRA who owned GM bonds, lost their investment. He threw away our legal system, manipulated bankruptcy law for the first time in American history.  He then created a war on business.    

2. Unemployment higher than it’s ever been–25%.  It’s easier to lie than tell the truth.  The government gets their unemployment stats from surveys.

We are headed into a deeper recession in 2013 with Obama. 

Empty malls are everywhere

Would this mall be empty if there were jobs?

3.  US Debt.  The Greece debt crisis started when their government debt was DOWNGRADED to junk bond status. Greece was only $1.2 TRILLION in debt.

Here’s the relationship: Greece–debt $1.2Trillion–crisis of confidence-S&P downgrades–junk bond status–Greek crisis.  Here’s the bond current bond rating of a few countries:

Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Georgia (Government of) BB- BB- BB
Germany (Federal Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Ghana (Republic of) B B B+
Greece (Hellenic Republic) CCC CCC AAA
Grenada B- B- BBB-
Guatemala (Republic of) BB+ BB BBB-
Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Uganda (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Ukraine B+ B+ B+
United Kingdom (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
United States of America (Unsolicited Ratings) AA+ AA+ AAA
Uruguay (Oriental Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB+

And the USA debt?   The USA debt is $16 trillion.  And the President says, not to worry.

4. War on Terror/Foreign Policy.    9/11/12 we were attacked by Al Qaeda. Obama’s PR department, the corrupt media  (Bloomberg, ReutersCNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times  lies to Americans.  His head of PR, Rachell Maddow,  Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews,  Joe Klein and Andrew Mitchell are fiction story tellers and writers, they live in an insular world where they prognosticate with democratic demagogues.

Obama’s PR department (media jokers) lack courage and integrity.  It’s take courage to stand in the face of crowds.     

Who is reporting the Al Qaeda connection?  FOX NEWS.  US  officials knew the attack in Benghazi was by Al Qaeda.

5.   Likability  A friend was diagnosed with inoperable cancer–I found him the world’s greatest surgeon. Does it matter if he’s socially autistic, the most popular or has a great bedside manner?  ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD CARE.  I think saving his life is more important.  
Likability - 180%, Success 20%
6.  War on Women There is a war on women. It’s in the Middle East.  With Obama, we should be worried about what happens to our daughters if Obama is left working with leaders in the Middle East.  As far as some foolish, irresponsible loony girl discussing contraception;  
my daughter; a Harvard law graduate finds the issue embarrassing to all intelligent American women; my wife thinks it’s is reprehensible. My wife put herself through college working two jobs. She grew up poor and NO ONE PAID FOR HER CONTRACEPTION.
7. Side issues are diversionary tactics, religion, contraception, social issues. So stupid people  don’t pay attention to the fact that gas is 160% more, 25% unemployment, a decrease in net income of $5000 per household and a reduction in everyone lifestyle.  Every young person I know is DEPRESSED–THEY graduated from the greatest schools. Who’s to blame? The fool is in the White House.
What should you look for in a leader?

Great leaders have to be self-aware. 

  1. They are emotional aware of self & others, use a gut sense to guide reactions. Good at self-managing emotions.
  2. They have an accurate self-assessment, complement their strengths/weakness, hopefully are secure enough to surround themselves with smarter people who voice differing opinions and BUILD consensus.  It’s how you create great companies and nations.
  3. Self-confident NOT narcissistic.

Next great leaders must be great at relationship management.

  1.  Influence. Ability to negotiate with people of differing perspectives, opinions and see different viewpoints. See the issues through the personality, see it aside and influence others.
  2.  Change catalyst. Initiates, manages and leads offering a new direction not forcing one to follow only their direction, but building coalitions.
  3.  Conflict management. A great leader resolves disagreements and builds consensus.
  4.  Teamwork and collaboration; works cooperatively through team building.

This President is embarrassing.

(On a side note, I AM AN INDEPENDENT. I have voted for both sides of the aisle my entire life. Do not care about the GOP or DNC. )



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5 responses to “Obama’s war on America–is destroying our youth and depressing recent college grads!

  1. Interesting post, I just have a few concerns here.

    On jobs: The unemployment rate in the United States hasn’t been as high as 25% since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Other nations in Europe have seen unemployment figures at those levels, particularly Spain and Greece who sit right around 23-25% unemployment. During the height of the housing crisis in 2009-2010, the unemployment rate in the U.S. reached nearly 10%, which is high for the modern era, but still not anywhere near 25. See http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsa2011.pdf Table 1.

    Also I’m curious to know what you mean when you say: “He threw away our legal system, manipulated bankruptcy law for the first time in American history. He then created a war on business”. Because i’m not sure if you’re referring to GM and Chrysler, which the President talks about often, or the bankruptcy filings from the financial sector.

    On Credit: Greece and the United States are two completely different scenarios when it comes to sovereign credit and national debt concerns. Unlike the Bank of Greece, the Federal Reserve System and U.S. Treasury actually have the power to increase inflation and add liquidity to the general economy which helped keep the U.S. economy from sliding into recession during 2008-2010. The Bank of Greece as a member of the ESOCB does not have this power, the European Central Bank does, who acted much too slowly to keep Greece from becoming the catalyst for market speculation over the Euro. The downgrade of the U.S. Treasury Bonds to junk is highly unlikely.

    • Dear Quiet Scholar,
      Let’s just deal with one issue–unemployment. Do you know where the numbers come from? The government right? And do you know how they get their numbers? From surveys.

      I am privy to numbers, the government is not. For example, do you know about the lay offs that will occur in vast numbers shortly in Virginia?

      Do you know why?

      Do you know about the vast number of college students–recent graduates that DO NOT HAVE JOBS? Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford–working for free.

      Do you have access to information or are you on the radar for the 50 plus who have been unemployed for over two years? They aren’t eligible for unemployment.

      The government doesn’t want you to know that information. It wouldn’t look good. Go do some digging.

      Just check on Virginia and all the people that will be layed off shortly–but not right now; our President wants to wait until after the election. He want to make sure he wins Virginia.

      • Thanks for you reply!

        On the issue of data that publicly accessible:

        Looking at the same database that I referenced in my last post, “http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsa2011.pdf” here are unemployment and labor force participation numbers. See table 3. You said: “Do you know about the vast number of college students–recent graduates that DO NOT HAVE JOBS? Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford–working for free.” Thanks to the BLS data you can get a pretty good idea.

        20-24 years – 14.6%/ 6,153,000 not in labor force
        25-34 years – 9.5%/ 7,639,000 not in the labor force.

        I agree that our scope is limited to what is publicly accessible, but to comment on what the government may or may not want you to know is too speculative to merit mention. We can only really work with the data that’s there, and there’s plenty out there.

      • Dear Quiet Scholar,
        You are still using government stats. Manipulated numbers.

        Not what you should be looking for.

        Go seek the total employed. It will give you a closer idea, but still manipulated.

  2. Dear Quiet Scholar,
    If you know anything about subordinated debt–go learn what happened to those who held subordinated debt with GM. The one thing we in the USA could trust, was our legal system. No longer.

    Stockholders and bondholders lost everything. Instead of re-negotiating union contracts, the administration gave unions greater say over the companies. Obama managed and controlled the bankruptcy by putting the union in control of the company. Everyone who invested in the company, lost their life savings.

    So a 65 year old retiree who had put his life savings into GM bonds was left with nothing.

    The administration didn’t bail out the companies; it bailed out the unions at the expense of the bondholders.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg. And now? Guess what, GM is probably going to have to file for a second bankruptcy. It’s one of the reasons there are no jobs.

    Lowest interest rates in history. Most banks would lend right? 2+2. Why aren’t they?

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