President Obama says open book? Hypocrite

Revision Plaza at Columbia University

Yesterday, our most gracious leader had a press conference.  And he said some comical words,

“If you run for office you should be an open book.”

He has spent millions to seal his records at Columbia University. I find this especially sweet–see the hypocrisy?   Why doesn’t anybody remember him?  My son graduated from Columbia and it  is IMPOSSIBLE TO GRADUATE from Columbia and NOBODY REMEMBERS YOU.  The school is not that big–we’re not talking about Penn State or University of Texas or UCLA.  It’s a small school people!

world class hypocrite

Something isn’t right.

He’s trying to deflect from a major issue.

If we the electorate don’t do our job, which is to educate ourselves and see through the rhetoric, falsehoods, lies and deceit; understand the bias of all media, then we have failed in our service to the nation–which is to elect the best possible leader for our country—and it’s not the one who maintains our ideals.

It’s one who will do what is best for our country–sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s what our mother’s made us do and we hated–eat our vegetables, do our homework and go to bed.

That’s what this nation needs–to cut the spending;  if we don’t, we will be destroyed.

Leadership takes courage.  America needs someone with the courage to lead us to a GREATER AMERICA, NOT A WEAKER AMERICA.


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