Americans voters aren’t stupid–or are they? The Obama-Columbia scandal

President Obama’s largest constituency is making sure the American public is clueless once again.

ABC News, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Joe Klein, Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Tobin,  Chris Matthews, and so on.

What’s interesting is that ABC News cut their entire research staff and outsourced their entire research department two years ago to Mexico. So did the New York Times.

Interesting the Liberal Media doesn’t talk about is the #1 best seller in the country, The Amateur, or the coming movie, 2016.

Nor do they talk about the study just done by Ernest & Young, and how President Obama’s policies will destroy small business if he’s re-elected.  If you’re in bad shape today, you’re going to be in worst shape if he’s re-elected.

Unemployment is about TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%).  The government doesn’t want YOU TO KNOW THAT because current unemployment statistics are based on surveys.  In order to determine true unemployment, you have to figure out employment statistics.

The media is too busy trying to get their guy elected–so they’ll lie, cheat and steal to get their guy in.  And if you end up without a job, poor and broke, who cares?

Even though unemployment is higher than it’s been since the great depression–E&Y’s study says we’ll lose another 750,000 jobs. So who are you going to vote for?  Congress picks party first, small business second!

And you keep loving this President?  The same one who says that whatever success you’ve created in your life–it’s not yours.  I guess all the athletes on their way back from London are going to stop at the White House and give their medals to the President.

Mr. President,  something is bothering me,  if every single President has unsealed their records, why haven’t you?

Is there something you are hiding?

What? Bad grades?

Well, your classmate from Columbia has something to say


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18 responses to “Americans voters aren’t stupid–or are they? The Obama-Columbia scandal

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  2. Im no professional, but I imagine you just made the best point. You obviously fully understand what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest.

  3. Most Americans are not stupid and that is precisely why they will re-elect Obama in November. The truly stupid Americans are those who cling to their idiotic beliefs that Americans are stupid. Outsourcing jobs and refusing to release his tax records are Romney’s biggest achievements; that is a matter of public record.

    Obama’s educational achievements are also a matter of public record for all to see and the inability of short-sighted people who choose to forget it has no bearing on provable facts. His birth is a matter of public record also. You should see to educating yourself with facts instead of fiction.

    • Userhead, 
      You gotta get your userhead out of your nether regions. You just spouted more mindless lies and stupidity than Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan put together over the entire convention or election campaign to date.
      Obama’s accomplishments toward stabilizing the economy are well documented and in total agreement with any sane economist in America today. Ryan and Romney stated that they wanted to return to the religious slavery and trickle down economics of Mormon delusional beliefs. 
      If there were a god he would have struck down greedy corrupted idiots like the GOP many years ago. The glaring fact that corrupted regeims like the Republican part can actually get elected is proof positive that god does not exist.
      If you had removed your head from your nether regions long enough to watch the DNC you would have witnessed Bill Clinton explain the math behind the financial statistics of both National parties. The numbers show that the Republucan plan, or lack thereof, are still lacking and sucking the nether regions as compared to the Democratic financial plan to date.

    • How kind of you. Similar to the Obama strategy of no substance so call everyone a liar. Brilliant!

      • Useuheadpolitics, your handle poses and interesting conundrum. Republicans have never used their heads for anything but breaking walnuts. Otherwise, they would not still be bible thumping and dictating how Americans should live their lives. You cannot be Republican. Romney and Ryan are raving lunatics who spread more lies than farmers spread manure, and their lies are more gut wrenching than manure.(hence the full of shit remark from Robert). If Obama is not president after the November election Americans, as you say, are true idiots and very stupid.

        Al Garnier Sent from my iPhone

      • Dear Al,
        Not interested in partisan issues.

  4. Guys,
    I don’t argue with stupid. If you have a valid point, I’ll engage. It’s sort of like Obama–why would you spend all your time calling your opponent a liar?

    This is the only President to never pass a budget. And if you come here and say, “it’s not his fault.” Of course it’s not–nothing is.

    • If it is fault you are looking for you need look no further than Romney. Of all faulty religions, Mormon beliefs are more flawed than Christianity, even Islam. It is predominantly a bigoted white supremacist belief that does not accept any criticism well. But then, no religion does. Obama promotes a secular society void of religious lies and influence. It is not an issue of partisanship but, one of ideology. Separation of church and state must be upheld or there is no difference between America and Iran. Except for the idiotic religious beliefs they both hold.

      Al Garnier Sent from my iPhone

      • Al,
        This President is driving our country off a fiscal cliff and you’re talking about religion? Good job. Glad you have your priorities in the right place.

      • Usur, It is that kind of religious rhetoric that we don’t want in our politics. What I mean by religious in this context is that your statement about Obama’s fiscal responsibility is totally bogus and beyond the realm of physical reality, just like religion. The statistics prove otherwise. The rate of unemployment is lower than when Obama took office while having to play catch-up from the George Bush & Republican’s debacle of removing banking regulations, fiscal irresponsibility, market crash and war mongering. There are those that feel Bush should have to answer to a war crimes tribunal for his illegal war in Iraq and complicity in Guantanamo prisoner abuse. His excuse is Religious rites…?? Lies and mud slinging solve nothing unless your talking to the religious mind. They tend to believe anything their religion preaches regardless of any facts to the contrary. There is no truth in their religions and there is no truth in your accusations.

      • Which part of, “I’m not a partisan voter,” do you not understand?” I do not care about Bush and never did.
        Didn’t vote for him–so I don’t care what you say about him.
        In terms of hocus pocus economics–not playing your game.
        You focus on blame, religion and the amount of taxes someone paid. That’s just pathetic.
        That’s going to solve Americas problems.
        I sure want you to run my companies.

      • Cheeses Usurheadpolitics, Either you misunderstand the meaning of non-partisan or you actually believe the religiosity of your own unfounded lies. You say your not a partisan voter yet, your entire blog is filled with misinformation about Obama and absolutely nothing about Romney’s glaring shortcomings and greed. Your blog is juxtaposed to your claim of non-partisanship. Either you traditionally vote against your published ideology or, you are just another lying Republican. So, which is it.

        Al Garnier Sent from my iPhone

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