Is it time for Madame President? Michele Bachman

Is it time for the first female President?

A tax attorney who reads real books.  Andrew  Malcolm  made a big deal of a one of Michelle’s mistakes. I’d like to go through all of Andrew’s work. Betcha I’d find some errors.  He’s human.

Then Alexandra Petri’s column wrote about Chris Wallace.  You gotta love this little numb skull.  Who would ask the question, “ah gees, are you a tad wacked? OK, how about a little wacked?”

Chris were you smoking a little medical marahuchi?  Did you think you were on a  Gary Sanchez Production with Jane Russell or maybe you were talking to your wife?  So here’s the question big boy,  if Michelle would have had a penis would you have asked her that question?  Just saying…   Something to think about.

Then New York Times.  Jeff Zeleny and I expected him to strike her out with a  tea party bat to the head.

Jeffy, leffy, keffy—whatever,  maybe most Americans think the Tea Party isn’t all bad?  Maybe they understand that blowing $3.5 trillion isn’t the smartest thing to do.  Maybe we could be the next Greece?

Or maybe you don’t understand economic constraints.  Or the basic tenets of business?  Or how it’s done in China?

Stay clear of moral issues.  Abortion is the law of the land.  Gay marriage should be left to the states.

Take some Adderall,  stay focused on jobs, the economy and keeping us safe. Lets fiscally lead a nation out of debt.



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