Who will elect the next President, the Press or you?

The Press loves to think we’re stupid–but  we aren’t idiots.  You think for yourself don’t you?   You don’t need the DNC or RNC to tell how to think, what issues matter or who to vote for.  They both protect their platforms and in the end of the day they aren’t too interested in you or your problems.

The DNC and RNC has extremes.  They both do.  Relative to the media, the left is  CNN, CNBC, NPR.  And on the right there are some people at FOX that are right, but O’Reilly is pretty fair.

Those of us who believe in working know the road to prosperity is on the back of small business.  And guess what–nobody right now is helping us.  And without small business America is cooked.

Who do are you rooting for?  Trump, Romney, the Preacher, Christie???

Who would you vote for if the election were held today?



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